Eco Spec WB Primer - Southwestern Paint

Eco Spec WB Primer

  • A low odor, zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), 100% acrylic interior latex primer sealer with spatter resistant properties. Ideally suited for commercial, facility management, and residential applications. Eco Spec® WB Interior Latex Primer (N372) does not have the odor of conventional primers which contain ingredients known as VOC's. Always use Eco Spec® WB Interior Latex Primer (N372) as a first coat when a low-odor, VOC free primer/finish system is required.
    1. Minimal Odor
    2. Zero VOCs
    3. Quick return to service
    4. 100% Acrylic
    5. Spatter-resistant
    6. Exhibits excellent holdout properties
    1. Eco Spec WB Primer (372)