Romabio BioDomus II - Southwestern Paint

Romabio BioDomus II

RomaBio SuperFlat, is the workhorse for painters both in Europe and China. It provides a beautiful, dead flat finish, and excellent coverage with great hiding ability with only two coats on unpainted drywall. Available in White Base for interior use only. RomaBio SuperFlat, is self-priming on new drywall, permits easy drywall touch up after the first coat, can be sanded just like drywall mud, with the second final coat providing a gorgeous finish. Off white and pastel colors are not just rich and vibrant, but also luminous. Clean-up is fast and easy, and a little amount of paint goes a long way with no odor during application! RomaBio SuperFlat is dry to touch within 1 hour after application. And after 30 days, the micro crystallization has advanced enough that wall surfaces can be easily cleaned with a mild soap and a soft rag.